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Gamca Medical

Gamca Medical

What is GAMCA?

GAMCA full form is (GCC Approved Medical Centers Association). For those who want to go in GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar) for job purpose, need to pass GAMCA medical examination. GAMCA medical test required to pass only some of Asian countries residence (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Indonesia, and other Asians country). 

What is GCC Medical

GCC medical examination is also known as GAMCA medical test. So if anyone saying GCC medical, So GCC medical test or GAMCA medical test both are same. don't confuse between these two words. For GCC medical examination, you have to do the same procedure as GAMCA medical exam.follow the all below points for detailed information.

Some of the important points, need to take care before having a GAMCA medical examination to work in Gulf Countries. First of all, you are going for GAMCA medical examination. It’s not a local medical checkup.

It’s international medical examination as per GAMCA medical laws. So take it seriously. If you have any doubt? Better do the medical test from any private doctor before going for GAMCA medical examination.

Note: Once you are unfit in GAMCA medical test, it means your door is closed for Gulf countries. No other way to pass this medical examination. Now it very difficult to get any chance to work in the Gulf countries. So don’t take lightly. This is not an ordinary test. As mention above some GCC country must require GAMCA medical certificate from their source country. Without the medical certificate, you can't go there. 

Step by Step Process to get GAMCA Medical Certificate

1. Get the appointment for GAMCA medical test- 

2. Go to medical center: Once you get the medical center address directly go there without any delay. You can also go there next day, but if you have time try to go there same day.

3. Pay medical fees: At the medical center, you have to pay GAMCA medical fees. Then they will proceed your medical examination. 

4. Go for medical test: In this, following test will be there (Physical test, mental test, eye test, dental test, x-ray test, urine test, blood test and so on). Below described in details about each medical test.

5. Get medical result: You can get your medical result within 2-3 working days. It could be varied according to different clinics. Automatic UNFIT Disease - If you have the following disease you are automatically Unfit, no need to go for GAMCA medical test

  • Lung Scars or White Spot
  • Heart Murmur
  • Hepatitis B
  • In some case, like they found scars or white spot on your lungs during medical they will automatically mark your VISA as UNFI And More

Important Note:

  •     For UAE workers, GAMCA is also required. They have to perform the medical examination at GAMCA Medical Centres.
  •     A medical examination is not required for the medical of Malaysian workers.
  •     For your information, no fees will be charged for GAMCA number. It’s free.

Guidelines of Gulf medical test Required for Foreign Manpower

Firstly: History of any significant past illness:

A) Nervous System:

    Applicant should not be suffering from any previous nervous or neurological disease, at any period of lifetimes, such as epilepsy, melancholia, or any other
    similar He should also be free from any clinical symptoms or signs that indicate the presence of any nervous or neurological diseases.

B) Allergy:

    Applicant should be free from all types of allergic disease sort presence of Symptoms or illness indicating his suffering from.

Secondly: Medical Examination:

1. Visual Acquit:

Visual acquit should be suitable for the job the applicant will perform, bearing in consideration that jobs which require sharp vision such as drivers should not be less than 6/6 or 6/9 either with or without eye-glasses, in addition to color differentiation, And that the two eye-vision and visual field should be quite normal and should not be suffering from any apparent squint in addition to near vision efficiency. Applicant should not be suffering from contagious eye diseases such as (granular conjunctivitis, purulent conjunctivitis, trachoma), and other eye diseases that require prolonged medical treatment or surgical operations such as (cataracts and glaucoma).

2. Hearing:

 Applicant’s hearing power should be normal and should not be suffering from any infections in the middle or inner ear.

CLINICAL EXAMINATION: 1-a - Blood pressure: It should be within normal limits.

1-b - Heart: heart beatings must be regular and consistent and heart function should be normal and free from congenital defects and organic diseases. 

1-c- Lungs: Applicant should not be suffering from bronchial asthma or any other lung diseases. Chest X-ray should indicate that the applicant is free from Tuberculosis or any signs indicate the existence of fibrosis, calcifications, bronchiectasis or tumor.

1-d - Abdomen: Applicant should be free from any type of hernias (whether umbilical or inguinal) or ascites, provided that the internal organs should be healthy and not enlarged, and the digestive system should be safe from any tumors. 

1-e- Extremities: Extremities should be released from any congenital or pathological abnormalities, and legs should be free from varices, and the vertebral column should also be free from any abnormality or disk prolapse.

1-f- Skin: Applicant should be free from leprotic pathological manifestations and other chronic skin diseases such as (Eczema and psoriasis) or any other infectious skin diseases such as (chronic tinea, other fungal skin infections and scabies). 

2) OTHERS2-a- Applicant should be free from all rheumatic diseases, lymphoid glands and thyroid gland enlargement or any apparent tumors.

2-b- In case of females: Applicant should not be pregnant(more than seven months) and should be free from all types of vaginal bleedings, uterine prolapse and breast tumors.

3) VENEREAL DISEASES Applicant should be free from clinical symptoms and signs for any venereal disease, clinically and laboratory (TPHA or VDRL or any other specific type of analysis).

Thirdly: Laboratory Investigations

1.Urine: A complete urine analysis shall be made, on condition that its results should be within the normal limits, provided that it should not contain sugar, albumin or bilharzia in endemic areas.

2. Stool: An analysis should be made for the stool for any gastrointestinal parasites. A stool culture should be done in order to ascertain that it does not include salmonella, Shigella and cholera (in endemic areas). 

3. Blood: 3-a - A complete blood picture shall be made on condition that the results should be within the normal limits, and that hemoglobin percent should not be less than. 10g/100ml

3-b- A film shall be taken for malaria to make sure that it does not exist.

3-c- Necessary analysis shall be carried out so as to know the percentage of sugar in the blood, which should not exceed the normal level.

4. Serology should include:

4-A- Ascertaining that applicant is not suffering from HIV infection through Elisa's test, and results of this test must be “Non-reactive."

4-B- HBsAg and Anti-HCV results should be “Negative." 
4-D- Kidney function test (creatinine) results should be within normal averages.


1- HIV AIDS Reactive.

2- Hepatitis (B) Surface Antigen Positive and Anti-HCV.

3- Microfilaria Positive & Malaria Blood Film Positive.

4- Known Leprosy Patient.

5- Tuberculosis any type.

A- Pulmonary by chest X-ray showing active or past evidence of old T.

B Including minimum Fibrosis, calcification, and Pleural thickening.

B- Tuberculosis Pleural Effusion.

C- Tuberculosis Lymphadenitis.

6- Venereal Diseases, VDRL Positive, and TPHA Positive.

NonInfectious Diseases

1- Chronic Renal Failure

2- Chronic Hepatic Failure

3- Congestive Heart Failure

4- Uncontrolled Hypertension

5- Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus

6- Known case of cancer

7- Psychiatric Diseases and Neurological Disorders

8- Physical Disability ex. Color blindness for drivers, deafness, etc.

9- Any major operation

10- Hemoglobin below 10 mg/dl Others

1. Pregnancy. 

Gamca India

Are you from India. In India, many GAMCA centers are there in many cities. for more details read this gamca office address in India. In case you are traveling abroad and going to work in GCC countries than in such a scenario you are supposed to undergo the GAMCA medical examination. Please follow the below points.If you have some Infectious diseases, and you know that so please take proper medical treatment before going for the medical examination.

In case of Noninfectious diseases like hypertension and Diabetes, please keep your mind, and body fully relaxed at the time of medical examination and if there is any medicine, you are taking than consulting the doctor accordingly who has prescribed you the medicine before going for GAMCA medical.

It is highly advisable that before going for GAMCA medical examination a person should get himself tested and examined for above all diseases (Infectious and Non-Infectious) so that in case he is found having any of the above diseases than he can get himself treated for the same and then go for GAMCA medical examination.

If a person is found unfit for GAMCA medical, then he cannot be made FIT again so please be careful.